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Welcome to the Land Rover Finance Department of Quebec, our financial experts are trained and experienced to provide you with the luxury financial services you deserve! It is also the main goal of our department to ensure that the financial process is easy to follow and understand, so don't worry! Our experts are friendly, transparent and take the time to explain financial jargon to you. At our dealership, we've taken a case-by-case approach that helps us find the terms and financing rates that are best for each customer. You can start the financing process today by completing and submitting your credit application for pre-approval online.

Our finance department at Land Rover de Québec offers lease options for those who want to drive the latest Land Rover vehicles every 2 or 3 years. Discover some of the advantages of renting a Land Rover SUV from our dealership:

  • When you lease a vehicle from our dealership, you do not have to pay tax on the entire vehicle, you will only have to pay taxes equivalent to the number of months or years for which you lease the vehicle.
  • The same tax principle also applies to the depreciation of the vehicle. Your monthly fee will not include depreciation for the life of the vehicle you are leasing.
  • When you lease a Land Rover, you benefit from lower monthly payments than when buying a vehicle, thanks to lower depreciation costs and lower taxes.
  • You have the choice to reassess your lease at the end of the lease period and decide whether you want to lease a new vehicle or renew the lease on the current one. And you can even choose to buy the vehicle, if you fell in love with it.

At Land Rover de Québec, transparency is one of our core values. So you can be reassured that there are no hidden costs or extra expenses, we disclose all rental charges to our clients. Contact our finance department at Land Rover de Québec for all your questions or for more information on our financing and leasing options.

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